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Lafayette Drug Crime Attorney

In Lafayette and most other areas of Louisiana, federal and state officials are very serious when it comes to drug-related criminal charges. Prosecutors on both the federal and state level are approaching drug offense cases aggressively.

You or a loved one may be facing a drug charge in Louisiana. Depending on the facts and circumstances, you may have several options available when facing drug charges in Louisiana courts. Whether the case demands a trial to defend against a wrongful arrest, a procedural motion to uphold your Constitutional rights, or detailed guidance in obtaining a fair plea agreement, having a dedicated drug or narcotic defense attorney on your side is the best way to combat against an overzealous prosecutor or an overreaching government official.

Common Louisiana drug charges include:

  • Possession of Marijuana
  • Possession of Schedule I, II, III, IV, V drugs
  • Possession of Cocaine
  • Possession of Heroin
  • Possession of Ecstasy
  • Possession of a Controlled Dangers Substance (CDS)
  • Possession with Intent to Distribute
  • Possession of a Legend Drug
  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Regardless of the drug charge, you need someone in your corner. Attorney Joshua S. Guillory is ready to fight for you. Contact our office today at (337) 233-1303 or click here to arrange a consultation.

Battling an Addiction? It is ok. Let’s Get Help.

Obtaining a defense to a drug related crime is important. Getting help to combat an addiction is equally as important, and it could save your life. There is no shame in seeking help. If you are battling an addiction, please seek help now. One site that may be helpful is You may also try the Louisiana Department of Health’s addictive disorders services by clicking on

Getting help with an addiction is important. Keeping your defense attorney informed of your treatment is also very important. In our law firm, Attorney Joshua S. Guillory has helped many clients seek help with finding treatment for an addiction while simultaneously providing a legal defense. In other words, getting help for an addiction does NOT hurt your case.

Also, obtaining treatment, while it is a very positive step, does not mean you do not have to go to court. However, courts will often work with you on rescheduling court appearances if you are in an in-patient facility. If you are seeking treatment but are also facing criminal charges, it is very important that you retain the services of a lawyer so that your lawyer can communicate with the Court on your behalf.

Fighting for Justice in Louisiana Courts

Josh Guillory is an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer. Lafayette area clients in need of defense for felony and misdemeanor crimes in Louisiana look to Josh Guillory for help.

Due to the complicated nature of Louisiana law and the seriousness of criminal allegations, those facing criminal charges need an experienced, knowledgeable criminal defense attorney to serve them, and Attorney Josh Guillory is more than qualified to do so. If you or a loved one are in need of an effective criminal defense attorney, please contact our office at (337) 233-1303 or click here or click here today to arrange a consultation with Attorney Josh Guillory.

In addition to handling criminal law issues, Attorney Joshua S. Guillory is prepared to help individuals with a wide range of legal matters, such as family law matters, estate planning to include wills and trusts, business law, and personal injury. Do not hesitate to contact The Law Office of Joshua S. Guillory, LLC at (337) 233-1303 or click here to send a message to our firm.