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Child support payments are a way for the court to ensure that both parents uphold their legal obligation to financially support their child, even when parents are separated. If you are dealing with a complex family law case like child support, you need a Lafayette child support lawyer.

Find the Right Child Support Attorney in Lafayette

It’s crucial that child support payments provide for a child’s needs while being fair for both parents. It can be very stressful for both parents in these situations, as each wants what is beneficial for their children but does not want to suffer financial instability. The Law Office of Joshua S. Guillory can help your family navigate these stressful cases and find a solution that comprehensively supports your family.

Louisiana Child Support

Louisiana calculates child support based on the Louisiana Child Support Guidelines. The premise of these guidelines is that child support is a continuous obligation of both parents. Child support is intended to provide for the financial needs of children, including their housing, clothing, food and other living expenses. Usually, a child’s non-domiciliary parent is ordered to pay support to the parent who has primary physical custody. However, there may be an exception to this rule in your case. Discussing Louisiana child support laws with a family law attorney at the very early stages of your case can be crucial.

In Louisiana, the amount of a child’s support is calculated by taking into consideration several factors. These factors include the gross monthly income of the parties, health insurance, tuition, daycare for the children, out-of-pocket recurring medical costs and other factors that could have an impact on a child support award. Further, adjustments to support can also be made to account for the amount of parenting time exercised by the paying parent.

The Court will also take into consideration extraordinary circumstances that may or may not warrant either a reduction or increase in a monthly child support obligation. Some of these collateral issues can be very important, such as the payment of medical expenses for a child with special health needs, so be sure to consider all costs associated with the care and education of your child and discuss them with a Louisiana family law attorney in detail. Failure to do so could result in an inadequate or inappropriate child support order.

Lafayette Child Support Attorney Joshua S. Guillory is prepared to assist you in your child support case. If you or a loved one have legal questions related to child support or Louisiana child support laws, please call our office at (337) 233-1303 or click here to arrange a consultation with Family Law Attorney Josh Guillory.

Spousal Support in Louisiana

Spousal support was commonly referred to as “alimony” in the past. The two types of spousal support in Louisiana are interim spousal support and final spousal support. Louisiana family law courts will generally determine interim spousal support by weighing three factors: the needs of the recipient party, the ability of the other party to pay, and the standard of living of the parties during the marriage.

When the issue of interim spousal support arises, the requesting party is generally already in a stage of panic. That person is not only worrying about getting settled in this very new transition in their life, but they may also be concerned with getting their children in a stable environment. Worrying about finances during this particular phase is the last thing that a recently-separated spouse in need wants to focus on. These fears are warranted, and having an effective family law attorney fight for your rights can be the key to peace of mind.

In addition to interim spousal support, a Louisiana Family Court may also award final spousal support. In determining final support, the courts will consider several factors. The first factor that is determined is whether or not the requesting party is free from fault prior to the filing of the divorce. The Court will also consider the needs of the receiving party and the ability of the other party to pay.

Joshua S. Guillory is an experienced family law attorney who is familiar with the laws governing spousal support. Contact our office today at (337) 233-1303 or click here to arrange a consultation.


Q: How Much Does Louisiana Charge for Child Support?

A: The cost of child support in Louisiana depends on the total adjusted gross income of each parent, whether they have equal or unequal custody, and how many children are in need of support. The minimum support payment is $100 a month, but there are reasons why it can be lower, such as if parents have joint custody. Support payments rely entirely on each party’s income, and they can be several thousand dollars per month. In high-income cases, the court may have the discretion to assign child support how it wishes.

Q: How Does Child Support Court Work in Louisiana?

A: Child support in Louisiana is determined based on the state’s fixed formula. This formula uses the shared income model, which accounts for the income of each parent, the number of children that need support, and the basic financial requirements of raising a child. This includes the cost of housing, food, clothing, education and, in some cases, medical and dental expenses.

The court will use a different schedule to determine the responsibility of the paying parent. This will depend on whether parents have joint and near-equal custody or if one parent has primary custody of the children.

Q: How Much Does a Child Support Lawyer Cost in Louisiana?

A: A child support attorney typically charges an hourly rate, usually between $200 and $400 an hour. However, the cost of a family law attorney depends on many factors. These include:

  • The complexity of your case. Often, child support cases are part of a paternity, separation, or divorce case. The more legal issues that are combined, the more complex the case will be and the higher the cost.
  • The attorney’s experience. A more experienced attorney is more likely to charge a higher hourly rate. However, they are also more likely to resolve your case more efficiently.

Q: Do You Have to Go to Court for Child Support in Louisiana?

A: For child support orders in Louisiana to be enforceable, you must get an order from the court. However, parents can decide on child support payments outside of court, and then have the court approve this agreement.

Louisiana courts will determine an appropriate amount of child support based on a formula. If parents agree on a different amount, this deviation from the formula must be in the child’s interests, such as payments that cover extraordinary expenses. The court may also add these extraordinary expenses to the basic support amount, depending on the family’s situation.

Questions About Child Support

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