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Being a parent during a marriage requires some teamwork. When parents live separately, this element of teamwork does not have to disappear. If you are separated from your child’s other parent and you feel as though you are either raising your child alone, that the other parent is not respecting your parental authority, or you feel that the other parent is acting in any manner that is to the detriment of your child, then you need to have a consultation with a Louisiana family law attorney as soon as possible.

As a parent, you want nothing but the best for your children. Unfortunately, there are instances in which your child’s other parent may be failing to serve the child’s best interest. These instances can include disagreements over medical decisions, education, extracurricular activities, or situations in which the child is being placed in danger. When the needs of your child are not being met, it may be necessary for you to seek legal action and obtain custody. If you find yourself in this situation, it is important that you retain an experienced attorney to assist you. Our Lafayette child custody law firm has quality experience in this area, and Attorney Josh Guillory and his staff stand up for Louisiana families. Do not hesitate in contacting our office today to schedule an initial consultation.

Lafayette Attorney Handling Child Custody Cases for Parents throughout Louisiana

Louisiana essentially has three types of child custody: joint custody, sole custody, and shared custody. Our laws favor joint custody, but there are certain cases that warrant sole custody. It is important to discuss with a family law attorney the differences between the types of custody recognized under Louisiana law, the difference between physical custody and legal custody, and which approach during your child custody case is best for you, your children, and your family.

Remember, a Court’s ruling on child custody is huge! A ruling on custody will likely impact issues such as child support, visitation, and more. The first step in an initial child custody case is to file a petition asking the court to establish custody. This initial request can be made in a petition for divorce, petition to establish custody, or in any other procedural device related to a child custody case. The other parent may file a responsive pleading, such as an Answer, Reconventional Demand, or Exception. Each side will have an opportunity to use a process known as “discovery” to obtain information from the other. Depending on the judicial district, your case may first go before a Hearing Officer. In the 15th Judicial District Court, for example, your child custody case will first be heard at a Hearing Officer Conference. If your case is resolved by agreement/settlement or at the Hearing Officer Conference, then your child custody case will be resolved. If a party objects to the Hearing Officer’s Recommendations or your case is in a jurisdiction that does utilize the Hearing Officer process, your case will then conclude at a bench trial where the Judge will hear the evidence and make a final ruling on all issues.

Litigating such matters requires an understanding of the rules of civil procedure as well as the rules of evidence. It is important that you retain a lawyer who is experienced in such matters. Louisiana Family Law Attorney Joshua S. Guillory understands the significance of family law cases involving parenting plans and custody. Our law firm offers experienced and sound legal advice, focused on your rights and the best interests of your child.

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Being a parent is stressful enough. Child custody litigation does not help with this stress. No matter what the circumstances are in the custody dispute with the other parent of your child, it is vital to know your rights and options. Deciding where your child will reside and who will make important decisions for your child can be critical for your role as a parent. Do not go through this process alone. Learn more about how Attorney Josh Guillory can help you negotiate the Louisiana child custody laws by contacting us online or calling us at (337) 233-1303.

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In addition to handling family law matters, Attorney Joshua S. Guillory is prepared to help individuals with a wide range of legal matters, such as criminal defense, estate planning to include wills and trusts, business law, and personal injury. Do not hesitate to contact The Law Office of Joshua S. Guillory, LLC at (337) 233-1303 or click here to send a message to our firm.