Lafayette Criminal Defense Lawyer

Good people sometimes make mistakes that lead to criminal charges. In other situations, law enforcement officers are overzealous in performing their duties, arresting innocent citizens or violating their constitutional rights. If you or a loved one you want to protect must deal with a criminal charge, it is essential to get focused, knowledgeable legal counsel as soon as possible.

Charged With Driving Under The Influence? Do You Need Skilled, Aggressive Defense Against Any Other Criminal Charge?

Your freedom, ability to drive legally, financial stability and future job prospects may all be at risk. Lafayette criminal law attorney Josh Guillory is a dedicated defender of his clients' rights and futures. He will hear you out, investigate and help you consider all options for dealing with a misdemeanor or felony criminal matter.

Whether you need a lawyer who will go to trial to prove your innocence or a strong negotiator to help you avoid the worst consequences, we can help. Josh Guillory has the experience and determination to represent people across the cultural spectrum who are accused of offenses such as:

  • A vast range of misdemeanor or felony state criminal charges in Louisiana, ranging from any form of theft or assault to violations of traffic laws, drug laws and other statutes
  • Federal criminal charges that may result from alleged violations of U.S. laws, crossing state lines in the commission of a criminal act or other circumstances
  • DUI/DWI, other driving crimes and other alcohol-related offenses
  • Drug crimes associated with possession, intent to sell or sale, distribution, or trafficking in any controlled substance, including marijuana, cocaine or prescription drugs
  • Domestic violence and other violent offenses such as assault, battery or robbery
  • Property crimes such as shoplifting and various other forms of theft, arson and more

We also frequently advise our clients on their ability to obtain expungements of prior arrests, criminal charges and convictions, and we pursue this form of relief when available.

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Whether you are facing a DUI, drug charge, theft charge or violent offense in our region of Louisiana, the attorney you choose could make all the difference. We urge you to contact us immediately to put military veteran Josh Guillory to work for you and your family.