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Can I get my criminal record expunged in Louisiana?

If you have a criminal record, then we don’t need to tell you the far-reaching affects it can have on your future and your life. Even minor charges like misdemeanors and underage drinking convictions can prevent you from getting the job, home or car that you want. Employers, landlords and lenders all look at criminal records when deciding whether or not to hire, rent to or loan money to you.

Am I eligible for an expungement in Louisiana?

Were you convicted of a crime several years ago and are now interested in having that crime removed from your record? Maybe your criminal record is getting in the way of qualifying for a job or housing, or maybe you are just ready for a clean slate. Either way, our firm may be able to help you.

Criminal law and misdemeanor charges

Criminal law has become synonymous with violent crimes and high-profile cases thanks to the general public's love of crime dramas. Unfortunately, this has also led to some Louisiana residents believing that a defense attorney is only needed for serious crimes such as felonies. Misdemeanor offenses, while certainly less serious than felony charges, should not be taken lightly.

NFL hopeful hopes misdemeanor conviction behind him

Louisiana college football fans are likely familiar with former Louisiana State University tailback Jeremy Hill. After playing at LSU for two years, in January Hill announced his plans to quit school and enter his name in the NFL draft. The draft takes place in May and a recent decision by a Louisiana judge may improve Hill's chances of being drafted.

Councilman guilty of trying to steal electricity from trailer

For many residents of Louisiana, being charged with a crime is potentially at least as embarrassing than being convicted of one -- depending on the charge, of course. When the person charged is a public official, this is especially true.

Representing oneself can lead to even more stress

There are any number of misdemeanor offenses that people in Louisiana might find themselves charged with. Whether it's a driving-related offense such as speeding, driving without a license or a traffic violation -- or some other kind of misdemeanor -- the temptation might be to fight the charges without the benefit of counsel, or even to just plead guilty to put the case behind you.

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Attorney Joshua S. Guillory was born in Alexandria, Louisiana. Upon graduating high school from Alexandria Senior High, he enrolled in classes at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree. Josh was a member of Mu Kappa Tau, a national honor society for marketing majors, while attending... Read More

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