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Sobriety checkpoints and their legality in Louisiana, P.2

Last time, we began speaking about sobriety checkpoints and the factors that go into their legality or illegality. Although law enforcement efforts which making use of sobriety checkpoints are typically within the bounds of what is permitted, it should not be assumed that this is always the case. It is important for DWI defendants arrested during at a roadblock to be aware that the issue could come up in their case.

Sobriety checkpoints and their legality in Louisiana, P.1

Law enforcement agencies use a variety of tools in the battle against drunk driving, and one of these tools is sobriety checkpoints. Although sobriety checkpoints are legal under federal law, not every state considers sobriety checkpoints to be legal under state law. Louisiana is among the states that consider checkpoints legal, so drivers here do see them being conducted from time to time.

Looking at Louisiana DWI laws, P.2

In our last post, we spoke a bit about Louisiana DWI laws and how they compare to DWI laws in other states. As we noted, Louisiana DWI laws are considered moderately strict. Because of the potential impact of DWI charges, those who face them here in Louisiana should always work with an experienced attorney. How exactly can a DWI attorney help, though?

Looking at Louisiana DWI laws, P.1

When it comes to criminal charges, not all states impose the same penalties on offenders. A recent survey of state law by the personal finance website WalletHub compared the relative strictness of DWI penalties across the United States. What the survey found was that Louisiana DWI law is comparatively strict.

Is getting a DWI a big deal?

If you have been charged with a DWI in Louisiana, you may be wondering if it is even a big deal. After all, you probably know of several people who have been charged with drunk driving. The truth is that even though DWI charges are somewhat common, they still lead to numerous negative consequences that you want to avoid.

Most Louisiana drivers unfamiliar with other states' point systems

We often write about the legal issues that individuals face after being charged with drunk driving. Like all other states in the nation, Louisiana treats driving under the influence as a serious crime worthy of serious consequences, including driver's license revocation. As individuals are convicted of subsequent DUI offenses, they face increasingly harsh punishments.

Is this the new way to protect your rights at a DUI checkpoint?

The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution protects Americans against "unreasonable search and seizure." The interpretation of this protection as it relates to DUI traffic stops has been, at times, complicated. Generally speaking, law enforcement officers have the authority to initiate a traffic stop based on reasonable suspicion. If they then have probable cause to believe that the driver is intoxicated (through field sobriety tests and other investigative procedures), they can make an arrest.

What options and restrictions you may have after a DUI arrest

Because everyone has a slightly different outlook on life, there are a number of common ways in which individuals respond to being arrested for drunk driving. For some drivers, the consequences of a DUI seem like a mere slap on the wrist. For others, even the arrest itself can jeopardize their job, their standing in the community and their sense of self-respect. As you might imagine, most people respond somewhere in between these two extremes.

Lafayette sobriety court shows promise at reducing drunk driving

Drunk driving remains a pervasive problem, both here in Louisiana and nationwide. Laws and penalties for those convicted of driving under the influence have gotten considerably tougher in the past three decades, but punishment alone is not always an effective deterrent.

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