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'Vampire Diaries' star asks for child custody arrangement change

One significant issue that can come up between divorced or separated parents is child custody. What child custody arrangement is in place can be very impactful on the parents and their child.

Rage Against the Machine drummer getting divorced

Sometimes, a divorce will give rise to the issue of child custody. Child custody is a very important and impactful issue. Sometimes, child custody issues are resolved through agreements by the divorcing parents. Other times, such issues lead to legal disputes between the divorcing parents.

Court to determine which country will decide child custody case

Divorcing couples with minor children understand that they will need to address a variety of child custody issues in Louisiana. For some couples, negotiating a child custody agreement is a fairly straightforward process. When both parents respect and trust each other, and when the kids have close relationships with both parents, negotiating a child custody agreement may involve little conflict.

How social media can hurt your child custody case

Today, most people have at least one social media account. Social media websites are great for sharing photos, keeping in touch with long-distance friends and even gathering news. In some situations, however, social media can be destructive.


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