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Looking at Louisiana DWI laws, P.1

When it comes to criminal charges, not all states impose the same penalties on offenders. A recent survey of state law by the personal finance website WalletHub compared the relative strictness of DWI penalties across the United States. What the survey found was that Louisiana DWI law is comparatively strict.

In evaluating state DWI laws, WalletHub looked at various factors, including criminal and administrative penalties, and what states do in terms of DWI prevention. In terms of overall scores, Louisiana came in at number 14, putting it more in the strict category than many states. The state’s Criminal Penalties rank was 13 and its Prevention Rank was 19. What exactly does this mean specifically, though?

Here in Louisiana, criminal penalties include:

• Minimum of two days in jail for a first-time offender and 30 days for a second-time offender

• DUI charge is considered a felony upon a fourth offense (previous DUI convictions factor in for 10 years) • A minimum fines of $300 for a first offense, and $750 for a second offense

Other penalties include:

• License suspension

• Mandatory use of ignition interlock device for at least one year, if the offender’s BAC is .08 or above

• Alcohol assessments

• Penalties for child endangerment

In addition to these points, Louisiana law also allows for the use of sobriety checkpoints and so-called no-refusal campaigns in enforcing DWI law. Another interesting point is that the average insurance rate increase after a DWI in Louisiana is 62 percent. All of these factors add to the total burden of penalties for DWI offenders.

In our next post, we continue speaking about this topic and offer some comments on the importance of working with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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