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When a police officer infringes on a suspect’s rights

Police have broad power to enforce the law, but they have to do so within the limits created by the Constitution and other civil rights laws.

There have been many stories in the news recently about police officers who appear to have abused their power. The reports have resulted in demonstrations, protests and rioting throughout the nation.

While we respect and appreciate police officers for protecting us, we can’t allow certain officers to get away with violating the rights of suspects.

Whether some officers would like to accept it or not, all Americans have rights that need to be respected, even if they are suspected of committing crimes. Most officers respect these rights, but there are some who do not.

Any time a person suspects that his or her rights have been violated during an arrest, it’s extremely important for the person to contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can investigate what happened so that the truth can be uncovered.

An arrest and subsequent criminal case can feel like the entire world is stacked against you, especially when it is your word against the officer’s word, but your attorney can help make sure that your side of the story is told.

No matter how powerless you might feel remember that you have rights that are guaranteed by the Constitution, and your lawyer can help you stand up for those rights.

To read more about police misconduct and the civil rights laws that are in place to protect citizens from abuses of government, take a look at this article from

If you believe that your rights have been violated in the state of Louisiana, contact our Lafayette law office and set up a consultation to discuss your case with an attorney who is a veteran and former professor of law.

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