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Many Louisiana residents use drugs to unwind, some illegally

According to a recent Gallup poll, the state of Louisiana ranks fifth in the nation for the number of people who use mood-altering drugs, including alcohol, nicotine, prescription drugs and illegal drugs.

The poll surveyed at least 450 people in each state, inquiring about legal and illegal drug use. It reportedly found that 23 percent of the people polled in Louisiana say that they use substances of some kind to de-stress. Only four other states had a higher percentage of mood-altering "drug users."

As an assistant professor of psychiatry from the LSU Health Sciences Center explained, Louisiana residents have been through a lot in recent years with the BP oil spill and Hurricane Katrina, so it is not really a surprise that many people are turning to mood-altering drugs to relax.

While the poll included people who use mood-altering drugs legally, such as those who depend on prescription drugs to overcome depression and anxiety, there are also many people who use illegal drugs or abuse prescription drugs in the state.

Unfortunately, illegal drug use only leads to more stress in a person’s life, especially when they end up criminally charged with drug crimes.

When facing any type of drug charges, Louisiana residents must take the situation extremely seriously because their entire future is in jeopardy.

One would think that they should have the authority to choose what to put in their own bodies, but that is not how the law works. State and federal laws come down hard on people who abuse both illegal and prescription drugs.

No matter if the person has a drug addiction, used drugs they weren’t prescribed to relax or has been wrongfully accused, they will need an experienced criminal defense lawyer fighting on their behalf.

Perhaps your friend gave you some pills to relax, or maybe you occasionally smoke marijuana to unwind -- while these scenarios might not seem like a big deal to you, the courts think otherwise.

Contact our Lafayette law office today for a consultation with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Your future self will be glad you did.

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