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Am I eligible for an expungement in Louisiana?

Were you convicted of a crime several years ago and are now interested in having that crime removed from your record? Maybe your criminal record is getting in the way of qualifying for a job or housing, or maybe you are just ready for a clean slate. Either way, our firm may be able to help you.

Louisiana statutes allow for criminal records to be “expunged” or “sealed” under certain circumstances. However, the process is very complex and although it is not required to have a lawyer help you, it definitely improves your chances of being successful. 

Generally speaking, expungements are sometimes available for people who:

  • accepted pleas to certain misdemeanor or felony charges;
  • were acquitted; or
  • whose cases involve other very specific circumstances.

In order to ask the court to expunge your criminal record you must follow a very specific procedure, including:

  1. gathering all of your records;
  2. filling out several forms properly and completely;
  3. filing a motion with the court; and
  4. appearing at a court hearing, if necessary.

When asking for an expungement, you have to let the district attorney know so that the office has a chance to object. If the district attorney does object, it is very important to have a highly-skilled lawyer on your side to argue on your behalf.

A big part of successfully getting your record expunged has to do with your ability to tell the court the ways in which you have reformed your life, and why it is no longer necessary for your past crime to appear on your record.

Our Lafayette law firm has assisted many clients in obtaining criminal expungements, and we know what the court is looking for. We can help you make your best case as to why your criminal record should no longer be holding you back.

Call our office today for more information on expungements in Louisiana.

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