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Silk Road 2.0 drug trafficking site shut down by feds this month

While many drug deals are still done “the old-fashioned way” (in-person and low-profile), internet drug sales have become a booming business. Readers may remember that the “Silk Road” website was shut down just over a year ago. That site, available on the “dark web,” operated for about two years and acted as a sort of eBay connecting buyers and sellers of drugs and other illegal items.

Just five weeks after Silk Road was shut down, a new version popped up under new management and operating under the name “Silk Road 2.0.” Earlier this month, a 26-year-old man was arrested and charged with being the new site’s owner and operator.

The defendant, known by his alleged online handle “Defcon,” appears to have taken over control of the site about a month after it resurfaced. As of the middle of last month, Silk Road 2.0 boasted more than 13,000 listings for drugs, either illegal or controlled. They included:

  • 379 listings for narcotic opioids (such as OxyContin)
  • 1,697 listings for Ecstasy
  • A listing for “Afghan Heroin Brown Powder”
  • A listing for “Highest Purity Cocaine – Direct From Colombia”
  • Listings for computer-hacking services
  • Listings for fake IDs

Because both Silk Road sites used technology to conceal Internet Protocol addresses and only accepted the virtual currency Bitcoin, authorities had a very difficult time tracking sales and purchases. It is unclear if catching the alleged mastermind of Silk Road 2.0 will lead to other arrests of either site support staff or buyers and sellers.

One thing is clear, however: America’s war on drugs is far from over. This will likely be just another of many such sites, followed by another of many such arrests. Perhaps it is time to consider a different “solution” to our nation’s drug problem.

Source: USA Today, “Feds shut down Silk Road 2.0, arrest San Francisco man,” Donna Leinwand Leger, Nov. 6, 2014

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