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November 2014 Archives

Is it time for Louisiana to get rid of sobriety checkpoints?

Because Thanksgiving is coming up later this week, law enforcement agencies across Louisiana will be out in full force. Thanksgiving is one of the many holidays associated with a spike in drunk driving rates, and it is common for police to use all resources available to beef up DUI enforcement.

Race in the criminal justice system is a life & death issue

Recent events have reminded us that racial tensions are still high in many parts of the United States. A particularly strong reminder of this problem is the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri earlier this summer. Protests continued for weeks after a white police officer shot and killed an unarmed, African-American teenager during an altercation.

Why the 'trial penalty' can lead to wrongful conviction

Several posts over the last year have focused on the problem of wrongful conviction. This is an important criminal defense issue for a number of reasons, the first of which being that each case of wrongful conviction and wrongful incarceration represents a major miscarriage of justice.

Silk Road 2.0 drug trafficking site shut down by feds this month

While many drug deals are still done “the old-fashioned way” (in-person and low-profile), internet drug sales have become a booming business. Readers may remember that the “Silk Road” website was shut down just over a year ago. That site, available on the “dark web,” operated for about two years and acted as a sort of eBay connecting buyers and sellers of drugs and other illegal items.

Meet Attorney Guillory

Attorney Joshua S. Guillory was born in Alexandria, Louisiana. Upon graduating high school from Alexandria Senior High, he enrolled in classes at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree. Josh was a member of Mu Kappa Tau, a national honor society for marketing majors, while attending... Read More

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