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April 2014 Archives

President seeking to commute sentences in non-violent drug crimes

Drug crimes continue to be a major point of discussion in the national media. But unlike past discussions about “getting tough” on drug crimes, the goal at present seems to be “getting fair” on sentencing for non-violent drug offenders.

Lousiana man's 13-year sentence for pot called cruel and unusual

Our posts the last two weeks have focused on the possibility and dire necessity of criminal justice reform in Louisiana. While most states have made efforts to reduce long sentences for nonviolent drug crimes (including other states here in the South), Louisiana lawmakers seem intent on strengthening mandatory minimum sentencing laws.

Louisiana's heroin problem: Mandatory minimums are not the answer

The United States is in the midst of a health epidemic. The number of heroin overdose deaths has skyrocketed in recent years, including here in Louisiana. Drug abuse generally has been a nationwide problem for more than a half-century, and it has become clear to many Americans that it is not a problem that can be solved with aggressive prosecution and lengthy prison sentences. As such, dozens of states are relaxing drug laws and focusing on chemical dependency treatment rather than incarceration for non-violent offenders.

Louisiana lawmakers considering criminal justice reform bills

The state of Louisiana has the highest incarceration rate in the United States. Some believe this is a point of pride. No one can say that Louisiana isn’t tough on crime. But does being tough on crime actually result in less of it?

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