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February 2014 Archives

Teacher arrested for DWI after being sent home from school

As we have mentioned frequently on our blog, law enforcement officials in Louisiana do not take cases of suspected DWI lightly. One recent case of alleged drunk driving made headlines recently because the woman involved had been sent home from her job as a teacher earlier in the day.

Louisiana chiropractor facing 34 fraud, identity theft charges

Not every violation of the law is equal to every other violation. A financial crime, especially when the aggrieved party is the federal government, might seem insignificant in the scheme of things compared to a violent crime such as assault or attempted murder. However, as our Louisiana readers can probably guess, the federal government doesn't generally look the other way just because an alleged crime doesn't physically harm someone.

'New Resolution' drug crackdown leads to 251 arrests in Acadiana

From time to time in the Lafayette area, law enforcement officials will collaborate and execute a sweep, or series of sweeps, aimed at getting drugs off the streets. As a result, a wide-scale crackdown will take place, netting dozens of arrests and attracting media attention. This is what happened recently, as officials in six parishes collaborated over a three-day period last month and arrested more than 250 people, seizing nearly $100,000 worth of drugs in the process.

Ex-teacher in for tough fight after booking on child porn charges

Regardless of the nature of an alleged crime, everyone in Louisiana is entitled to defend themselves against the allegations. This applies to everyone, no matter how serious the crime or crimes may be. After all, merely being accused of an offense is hardly equivalent to being convicted of it.

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