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January 2014 Archives

Off-duty cop suspected of DWI after helping crash victim

We've written many times on our blog about how authorities in Louisiana take drunk driving very seriously -- regardless of who might be suspected of drinking and driving. A textbook example of this took place recently, when a Baton Rouge homicide detective was booked on DWI charges after being involved in a car accident that did not seem to be his fault.

Man from Scott facing 5-year prison term over benefits fraud

Not all criminal offenses in Louisiana are created equal. While a violent crime such as assault is committed, the actual criminal act is often brief, lasting a matter of seconds. Other crimes, however, can take years to develop -- such as fraud.

Man charged for killing 3 in alleged drunk driving crash

It goes without saying that drunk driving in Louisiana is a dangerous proposition. The penalties for being pulled over, arrested, charged and convicted of drunk driving are quite severe. However, if people are injured or killed as a result of a drunk driving accident, the possible penalties can be considerably more severe.

2 arrested in alleged meth lab in Eunice apartment

Being convicted of a drug crime in Louisiana can have a crippling effect on someone. Having to spend time in jail or pay heavy fines can be a real burden on people, particularly young adults. While it's true that people may make serious mistakes in their youth, these missteps can have real -- and permanent -- consequences.

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