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December 2013 Archives

2 young men facing combined 124 counts over alleged vandalism

As we have discussed on our Lafayette criminal defense blog, acts of vandalism are sometimes taken very seriously by law enforcement officers in Louisiana. Some things that may seem like victimless pranks to one person can be viewed by police and prosecutors as serious property crimes. This is likely the case for two young men from Marrero who are suspected of shooting out the windows of dozens of cars with a BB gun.

Councilman guilty of trying to steal electricity from trailer

For many residents of Louisiana, being charged with a crime is potentially at least as embarrassing than being convicted of one -- depending on the charge, of course. When the person charged is a public official, this is especially true.

Man arrested when probation officer allegedly finds marijuana

When people in the Lafayette area have been convicted of a felony and are out on parole or are on probation, they need to be extremely careful with their behavior. Parole or probation officers frequently check up on people in this position, looking for behavior that could signal a return to potential illegal activity. Sometimes, the alleged illegal acts take place right in front of them.

Ex-tax preparer looking at long prison stint after guilty pleas

There are many potential ways for someone involved with the preparing and filing of income taxes to run afoul of the law. When tax preparers intentionally prepare false tax documents, there is often little sympathy to be had from federal prosecutors. This was apparently the case for a Slidell man who owned and operated a tax preparation service. He now faces criminal law penalties after pleading guilty to several federal charges.

Ignition interlock device may be required after DWI convictions

It goes without saying that being convicted of drunk driving in Louisiana carries serious negative consequences. Aside from the expense associated with a conviction, the state keeps a close eye on those who have been convicted of drunk driving. In many cases, this involves the requirement for installing an ignition interlock device in one's vehicle.

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