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November 2013 Archives

Man suspected of felony theft for taking employer's money

In some cases, it can take a long period of time to build a case against someone suspected of embezzling money from an employer. The alleged offenses may have taken place a little bit at a time, over a period of months or years, in order not to draw attention to what was going on.

2 men could face decades in prison on child pornography charges

People in Louisiana may find themselves charged with a wide range of crimes. While many of the statutes they may run afoul of are relatively common ones, some are extraordinary in the sense that they garner a lot of attention and negative publicity for people who are charged -- even if they end up being acquitted or convicted of a lesser crime. This is one aspect of criminal law where the perception is often more debilitating than the reality.

Police say Scott driver registered 0.18 blood alcohol content

In Louisiana, it should be understood by everyone that simply being accused of a crime does not make you guilty of that crime. That should be obvious on its face; people are innocent until proven guilty and are entitled to a trial by a jury of their peers. But when the story of a person's arrest is published in the local media, it can be hard for people to remember that the details of the case are what police and prosecutors are alleging -- these allegations have not been proven yet.

Drug bust nets arrest of former Shreveport mayoral candidate

These days, it seems almost anyone could be involved with meth -- or at least suspected of it. The drug has gained a big following, especially in rural areas, and is seen by some as an easy way to earn cash. This has increased the scrutiny of law enforcement officers, who often embark on undercover investigations to arrest people suspected of drug manufacturing or drug possession.

Ex-traffic court employee accused of embezzling almost $700,000

The temptation can be great, for those in positions of financial authority at a business, to dip into the company coffers. While some people find that they are not susceptible to this kind of temptation, for others, it can be a real problem. Addictions such as gambling can be fueled with large amounts of money not ordinarily available to people.

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