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Representing oneself can lead to even more stress

There are any number of misdemeanor offenses that people in Louisiana might find themselves charged with. Whether it's a driving-related offense such as speeding, driving without a license or a traffic violation -- or some other kind of misdemeanor -- the temptation might be to fight the charges without the benefit of counsel, or even to just plead guilty to put the case behind you.

However, this may not necessarily be the wisest strategy. Police officers are well-versed in the law and might more effectively present their case than would a private citizen without much background in criminal law.

A criminal defense attorney often has the experience needed to effectively represent a client charged with a misdemeanor offense in Louisiana. Whether the penalties for an offense such as theft or shoplifting amount to jail time, a fine or both, it is usually in the best interests of someone who has been charged with misdemeanors to avoid having these charges go on their record.

One way in which attorneys can dispute these charges is by examining the actions of the police at the time of an arrest or citation. Did they act legally and properly? Did they complete all the required documentation of their actions? An attorney can help level the playing field, so to speak, for a client who has been charged with crime, even a misdemeanor. Police and prosecutors naturally have the upper hand against someone unfamiliar with the criminal justice system; having an attorney to balance the equation can make for a more favorable outcome.

To learn more about criminal defense in Louisiana, please visit our Lafayette criminal law page.

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