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October 2013 Archives

Representing oneself can lead to even more stress

There are any number of misdemeanor offenses that people in Louisiana might find themselves charged with. Whether it's a driving-related offense such as speeding, driving without a license or a traffic violation -- or some other kind of misdemeanor -- the temptation might be to fight the charges without the benefit of counsel, or even to just plead guilty to put the case behind you.

Man branded as career criminal, sentenced to life in prison

In Louisiana, the punishment for a crime might not always fit the crime itself. When it comes to criminal law, the state's habitual offender law might put someone in prison for an extraordinarily long time relative to the severity of a particular crime they might be convicted of.

Woman gets prison time for embezzling from dentist's office

When people get into financial trouble, there are many resources available to help them get back on their feet. Whether the problem is excessive credit card debt, compulsive gambling or some other issue, there are often opportunities that are legal and accepted to buoy one's finances.

Man charged in theft of dozens of lawn ornaments

When it comes to theft allegations made against Louisiana residents, even if the items alleged to have been stolen might strike some people as unimportant or ridiculous, it is no laughing matter to law enforcement officials. A perfect example of this is a recent case involving a man from Jefferson Parish accused of stealing lawn ornaments.

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