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Vehicle search leads to drug charges against two in Louisiana

One tool that police sometimes use in their drug crime enforcement efforts are vehicle searches. This can be seen in a drug crimes case that has recently come up in Louisiana.

The case involves two individuals. Charges of cocaine possession with the intent to distribute and marijuana possession with the intent to distribute have been brought against the two.

The charges came out of a search police conducted of a vehicle the two individuals were in. According to authorities, during this search, police found over two pounds of cocaine and over 45 pounds of marijuana.

The following describes how this search came about. Police pulled over the above-mentioned vehicle as it was traveling along I-10. Authorities allege that the vehicle had committed a traffic violation. Police talked with the two individuals in the vehicle and then asked them for permission to perform a search. Consent for a search was not granted. Police then brought a drug sniffing dog over to the vehicle. The dog indicated that drugs were present and police then conducted the above-mentioned search.

One wonders what will ultimately happen in this drug crimes case.

It is important to note that there are certain rules that police are required to comply with when it comes to things like vehicle searches. Why are these rules important? They are important because they are in place to protect the rights of individuals.

When police fail to comply with such rules in a search, it can result in evidence uncovered as a result of the search being found inadmissible. Thus, in drug crime cases, careful reviews of police searches done in relation to the case can be very important. This is one of the many reasons why having a strong and experienced criminal defense attorney on one's side can be integral when one is facing drug crime allegations.

Source: WGMB, "Traffic stop leads to discovery of over 45 pounds of marijuana, over 2 pounds of cocaine," Sept. 11, 2013

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