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Greenwell Springs man arrested in connection with fatal shooting

A 21-year-old Greenwell Springs man was arrested Sunday after police came to believe that he had been involved in an apparent homicide Friday.

In that incident, a 26-year-old Lafayette man died after what police called a drug deal gone sour. A second man, who was also apparently involved in the alleged drug deal, was shot and badly wounded.

Authorities claim that the man arrested Sunday was one of three men who went to the deceased man's residence to sell him marijuana. Something went wrong (authorities are not sure what) and a shootout occurred.

At this point, it does not seem that anyone thinks the 21-year-old man arrested Sunday fired the handgun that killed the deceased man and wounded the other. Rather, it sounds as though officials believe he transported the perpetrators to the scene.

If that is indeed the case, we wonder whether the man knew what he was doing was wrong. People who are accessories to crimes are not always aware that their behavior may be illegal; sometimes, they think if they did not commit the murder or robbery or what have you, then they cannot get in trouble. That is not correct, of course.

Many people who are accused of crimes do not understand the legal system, which can certainly be complex and hard to navigate. That is why many of them choose to hire criminal defense attorneys. These lawyers are often able to help make things easier to understand, and might be able to make the whole affair less difficult to navigate.


Source: The Advocate, "Deputies arrest one in Friday's double shooting," Aug. 5, 2013

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