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Louisiana man arrested after alleged indecent exposure

A Louisiana senior citizen has been arrested after he allegedly behaved in a lewd manner in a public space.

Reportedly, an officer from the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office Vice Division saw the 66-year-old Lake Charles man exposing himself inside a restroom at the Lake Charles Civic Center.

Evidently, the man was charged with obscenity after a similar incident at the same location in November 2011. The circumstances surrounding that incident were not publicized as of early this week.

We certainly understand if your first reaction to this story is one of concern and revulsion. Behavior such as that of which this man accused has no place in polite society and it is right to do what we can to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

One thing we would point out, however, is that sometimes, some people are compelled to behave a certain way because of urges or compulsions beyond their control. This is not an excuse, but it does at least partially explain why some people take actions most other people would not. If this man needs help to curb his alleged inappropriate behavior, we hope that it will be made available to him.

As of the time this man’s arrest was publicized, he did not have an attorney. Hopefully, he will be able to arrange for a strong and thorough defense to the charges against him. In our justice system, all criminal defendants are entitled to that very important right and it is crucial it be observed and respected in all circumstances, no matter how galling they are to the average person.

Source: Source: The Lafayette Advertiser, “Lake Charles man arrested on obscenity charge,” June 28, 2013

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