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Financial settlement reached in former 'E.R.' star's divorce

Many important and impactful issues can come up in connection to a divorce. One such issue is property division. Sometimes, disputes regarding property division arise between divorcing parties. Such disputes can involve a wide variety of different types of property, including homes, cars, money and contract rights.

Sometimes, property division disputes end up having to be resolved by a court. Other times, divorcing couples resolve such disputes through a settlement agreement.

An example of the latter form of resolution can be seen in some news that has recently arisen regarding a celebrity divorce. The divorce in question is the divorce of former "E.R." star Parminder Nagra.

Nagra got married in 2009. In 2012, she filed for a divorce.

A dispute regarding property division arose between Nagra and her ex-husband. This dispute involved many things, including the issue of whether Nagra's ex-husband was entitled to any of Nagra's earnings from her "E.R." work.

Recently, a financial settlement was reached by Nagra and her ex-husband which resolves this dispute. The settlement contains terms regarding the royalties, residuals and income from Nagra's acting work. Under these terms, Nagra gets to keep all such royalties, residuals and income. The settlement also has terms regarding how the former couple's homes, cars and other property will be divided. Under the terms, most of said property goes to Nagra.

Property division settlements, like the one mentioned above, are generally reached through negotiations. Property division settlement negotiations can be very complicated and what happens in such negotiations can be very impactful. Thus, if a person is entering property division settlement negotiations, having an experienced family law attorney on one's side can be very important.

Source: RTV6, "Parminder Nagra reaches divorce settlement," July 30, 2013


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