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Allen Iverson makes $40,000 child support payment

Recently, some news has arisen regarding a celebrity child support dispute that we discussed in a previous post. The dispute involved former NBA star Allen Iverson and his ex-wife. The news is that this child support dispute has been resolved.

The dispute involved allegations of failure to pay child support. Specifically, Iverson's ex-wife accused Iverson of having failed to make $40,000 worth of child support payments that he was supposed to.

It has been reported that the judge in this case then issued Iverson an ultimatum. Iverson was given a choice: make the child support payments or face arrest.

Iverson chose the former. He recently paid the $40,000 of alleged back-due child support, thus resolving this matter.

Why did Iverson not make the child support payments when they were initially due? According to court documents, Iverson has said that he thought that he and his ex-wife were in the process of reconciling and that is why he didn't make the payments.

This child support case illustrates a couple of points. The first is that the actions a person takes in regards to child support can be very impactful. If a person fails to make required child support payments, he or she can face court proceedings and even jail time. The second is that court proceedings regarding child support disputes are sometimes resolved through a payment being made.

Child support disputes can be very complex and impactful. Thus, if a person is involved in a child support dispute, having strong representation can be very important.

Source: TMZ, "Allen Iverson - Dodges Jail Time ... - Forks Over $40k to Ex," July 14, 2013


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