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Rage Against the Machine drummer getting divorced

Sometimes, a divorce will give rise to the issue of child custody. Child custody is a very important and impactful issue. Sometimes, child custody issues are resolved through agreements by the divorcing parents. Other times, such issues lead to legal disputes between the divorcing parents.

Recently, a celebrity divorce case has arisen that involves the issue of child custody. The case involves the drummer Bradley Wilk. Wilk has played drums for several bands, including Rage Against the Machine.

In 2005, Wilk got married. Recently, Wilk's wife filed for a divorce from Wilk. This divorce filing was made in a court in California.

Wilk and his wife have two children. A child custody-related request was made in the divorce petition filed by Wilk's wife. Specifically, Wilk's wife is requesting a child custody arrangement in which she has primary physical custody of the children and she and Wilk share legal custody. One wonders if Wilk will contest this child custody request and what will ultimately happen in regards to the issue of child custody in this divorce.

As this case shows, the issue of child custody sometimes comes up in a divorce. What ultimately happens in relation to child custody matters can be very impactful. Thus, thinking ahead about the issue of child custody can be very important when getting divorced. Consequently, if a parent with minor children is considering getting a divorce, he or she may wish to consider speaking with a family law attorney with experience in child custody matters.

Source: TMZ, "RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE - BUMMER FOR THE DRUMMER - Wife Files for Divorce," June 17, 2013


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