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Lafayette woman accused of offering child up for sex

A Lafayette woman was arrested recently for allegedly making her minor daughter available in a sex-for-money scheme many years ago.

The 37-year-old woman is likely to be charged with prinicple to molestation of a juvenile and trafficking a child for sexual purposes. She was arrested at her home without incident on Tuesday.

Over the course of a long investigation by the Louisiana State Police, officers developed the impression that the woman allowed her child to be used several times for sexual purposes four years ago. A the time, the child was less than 12 years old. It seems that this happened more than once, and happened in several locations throughout Lafayette Parish.

(The child's sex and present age have not been revealed by authorities, mostly likely because they wanted to protect the child's privacy.)

If the woman is found guilty of human trafficking, she could spend up to 50 years in prison and be ordered to pay up to $75,000 in fines.

Now, the potential of a punishment like that shows just how much is at stake here. It should go without saying that this woman's reputation is at stake as well. A conviction for something like human trafficking will result in an indelible stigma.

Although the crimes of which this woman is accused are absolutely reprehensible, she -- like every other criminal defendant in the U.S. -- deserves to be considered innocent until it is proven otherwise. Furthermore, she has the right to a criminal defense attorney so that her interests are represented. These are very important hallmarks or our criminal justice system.

Source: The Lafayette Advertiser, "Lafayette woman arrested for human trafficking of pre-teen," June 25, 2013

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