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Is divorce a cause to celebrate in Louisiana?

Individuals living in Lafayette or anywhere else in Louisiana that have been through divorce know that the process is not easy. Ending a marriage is a difficult decision that many heavily weigh before proceeding forward. Ultimately, many individuals simply know that no matter how much they wish that their marriage would work, the relationship simply is not functional.

Seeking the assistance of a skilled family law attorney and beginning the path to a divorce can feel overwhelming. However, once a happier set of living circumstances is on the horizon, many feel relieved and empowered. Is there an appropriate way to express these positive emotions relating to a new beginning after divorce?

An interesting trend that is growing across the country is divorce parties. Some couples are evening throwing joint parties by way of announcing to friends and family that the couple is ending their marriage.

Each divorce is unique, and experts appear to be struggling in reaching a consensus about divorce parties. One couples counselor feels like this is a healthy expression of embracing a new life. She says, “You’re allowed to be who you are and allowed to pursue your happiness so this is a way to mark that, to say ‘OK, the hardship, the really rough part is over now.’”

However, others caution that particularly for splitting couples with children, a celebration can send the wrong message. Ultimately, because each divorcing individual is unique, it is up to the individual to weigh what is appropriate and best for them to move forward. However, one thing that many experts are in agreement on is that seeking legal counsel in ending a marriage is imperative.

A skilled attorney will help a divorcing individual begin their new life under the best of circumstances by advocating for the individuals rights pertaining to property division, child custody and any applicable support payments in a divorce.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Divorce Party: Tacky or Tasteful? (VIDEO),” May 15, 2013


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