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Eunice man charged with armed robbery

A Eunice man was arrested Saturday night after he allegedly tried to rob another man in a parking lot.

According to the Lafayette Police Department, the 37-year-old man brandished a handgun at the man and demanded his wallet.

The man gave up his wallet, but as the alleged mugger was going through it, the man tried to wrest his gun away. An altercation ensued and during the struggle, the gun went off. Luckily, neither the alleged robber nor the victim were injured.

(At this point, we should note that most safety experts say it is not a good idea to fight with a would-be mugger. Although it's unsatisfying to give in to them, it's far safer to just give them what they are asking for. After all, what is worth more than your life?)

Officers responded to the scene and were able to apprehend the suspect after a brief chase on foot. They claimed to have found a handgun and some cocaine on his person when he was arrested.

The man was taken to Lafayette Parish Jail where it was discovered that he had outstanding warrants. He has now been charged with armed robbery.

If this man is indeed guilty of the crimes of which he is accused, it should be noted that no one was physically harmed in this episode. It is not okay to threaten someone, of course, but even so, it is not the same as actually causing a person physical harm. In our criminal justice system, it's very important for the punishment to fit the crime.

Source: The Lafyayette Advertiser, "Eunice man arrested for armed robbery," May 20, 2013

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