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Why a divorce may be good for your kids

If you have decided to get a divorce - or have been divorced - you know that there are many things to consider during the process. For parents, how their children will fare during a split is often at the forefront of considerations. While many parents get caught up in the age-old thinking that staying together would have been better for the children, a recent article in the Huffington Post offers some reasons why divorcing may actually be more beneficial.

The author of the article says that handling your divorce in the right way can leave your kids feeling better about their parents than if you had stayed together in an unloving relationship. So, what is the best way to divorce? The author says focusing on your children is a must.

This means taking the time to work with your ex to develop a plan to successfully co-parent. It also means continuing to respect your ex and showing that to your children. Although getting used to a child custody routine may be difficult at first, if you and your ex communicate well and work together to make sure you are on the same page, your children will start to see that both of you are happier. Eventually, they will see that a divorce was the right choice.

Many children have a difficult time at first with divorce, but as some Louisiana parents may know, watching their parents live in a marriage full of arguments and disrespect can be even more challenging to cope with.

Source: Huffington Post, "Divorce Or Stay? Parents Must Put Kids First Either Way," Rosalind Sedacca, April 3, 2013

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