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Lafayette Police arrest man accused of hit-and-run

Lafayette Police Department officers arrested a 30-year-old man Sunday after he was identified as a suspect in a hit-and-run. Fleeing the scene of an accident, of course, can result in criminal charges.


Allegedly, the man struck a vehicle in the 100 block of University Avenue around 2:30 p.m. and then fled the scene without hleaving behind any information.

The collision was witnessed by two women who then followed the man in an attempt to get information from him. They told officers that the man took refuge in an abandoned home in the 100 block of Sharon Road.

When the women confronted him, they said, the man got into his vehcile and took off. In the process, he allegedly struck one of the women in the leg. She refused medical attention at the scene. The extent of her injuries is not clear.

Lafayette police officers laters arrested the man in the 300 block of Alice Drive. He has now been charged with hit-and-run, aggravated battery with a dangerous weapon and careless operation of a vheicle.

These are serious criminal charges and we hope the man has arranged for a strong and thorough criminal defense. Judging by the chain of events publicized in connection with this story, we have to imagine there is something going on here that is not immediately apparent. If the man is able to arrange for a criminal defense attorney of his choosing, the two of them could work together to prepare the best defense to the accusations against him.



Source: The Lafayette Advertiser, "Suspect arrested in hit-and-run accident," Jessica Goff,  April 29, 2013

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