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Louisiana man with history of DWIs accused of third-degree feticide

Despite still being under investigation, a Louisiana man is currently being held on charges of reckless driving and third-degree feticide after being involved in a car accident this month. And even though it hasn't been confirmed that alcohol was in his system at the time of the accident, investigators appear to be trying to use his past DWI history against him as they build their case.

The events leading up to the accident are based on an alleged eye-witness account from another driver who claims that the 48-year-old man had been driving down the wrong way of a divided road just prior to the accident. The witness then claims that the man corrected his position on the road when he turned onto another street.

But when the man turned once more onto another street, the witness claims that he crossed paths with another vehicle which collided with the side of his vehicle.

According to medical records, the driver of the other vehicle only received minor injuries to her right hand and knee. The pregnant 18-year-old passenger in this vehicle was taken to the hospital however after complaining of pain in her abdomen. It was later discovered at the hospital that she had suffered a lacerated uterus and that her baby had died.

Because of the limited amount of information released to the media, it's not clear at this time whether the injury to the pregnant mother was in fact caused by the car accident or not. As we stated before though, despite the fact that the investigation is still ongoing, the man is being charged with the death of the unborn fetus.

Because of the circumstances surrounding the accident and considering his past criminal history, investigators could be trying to link the two together which could create significant legal problems for the man in the future. For a situation such as this, legal representation will be key to make sure that his rights are being protected to the fullest extent.

Source:, "Drunk driver accused in death of woman's unborn baby has long history of DWI arrests, Kenner cops say," Michelle Hunter, March 4, 2013

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