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Day after Valentine's prompts divorce for many

Some people love Valentine's Day and other people hate it. For those who are contemplating divorce, however, yesterday may not have been the day of romance it's so heavily marketed to be. In fact, according to some studies, today -- the day after Valentine's Day- - marks a substantial increase in people seeking legal advice about divorce.

Historically, more people -- nearly 20 percent more -- file for divorce in February than in any other month. For some couples, Valentine's Day is the breaking point. Whether it's due to an unappreciative spouse, cheating, or some other reason that may seem especially exaggerated on a holiday that is supposed to be about romance, the number of people seeking legal advice or referrals jumps by as much as 40 percent on Feb. 15.

Not entirely surprising is the likely fact that Valentine's Day isn't the only reason some couples reach a breaking point in their relationship. Some have pointed out that February is a colder month in many states, and too much time spent inside together could augment preexisting problems. Also, bankruptcy rates are highest in January, perhaps causing some to put off filing for divorce while they take care of financial issues.

Ultimately, there is not one holiday or one month or one factor that causes a divorce. Most couples have experienced several problems in a relationship that lead them to consider divorce. While divorce is never something a couple hopes for, those who decide to divorce do so because they know it's the best option for them.

Source: CNN, "Day after Valentine's kicks off divorce season," Chris Isidore, Feb. 15, 2013

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