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Three Louisiana residents accused of jury tampering

Three Louisiana residents have been arrested after allegedly trying to interfere with the criminal trial of their uncle.

According to authorities, the defendant's father, sister and niece all tried to offer money to jurors in exchange for a not-guilty vote. That would amount to jury tampering, of course, and that is illegal.

On Monday, a 24-year-old woman from Houma was arrested. She is the man's niece.

Previously arrested were the man's father, 75, and his sister, 43.

All three family members have been charged with jury tampering. All three have also bonded out of jail.

The man at the center of this case had been charged with drug offenses. Ironically, he pleaded guilty and went to jail before his case even went to trial.

Now, we do not know for sure what was going through the heads of his three relatives when they took these actions, but it is fair to assume that they were acting out of some sense of familial responsibility. That in no way excuses what they did, of course, but it is something of an explanation, at least.

Jury tampering would be considered a white collar crime. White collar criminal charges can be harder for people to understand because they are not as intuitive as "classic crimes." Everyone knows that murder is wrong, for example, but when it is alleged that you tampered with a jury, it is a little bit different a story.

White collar crimes are one area of law we pay attention to. For further information, please consider visiting our White Collar Crime page.


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