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White collar crime lands Louisiana woman 37-month prison sentence

Embezzlement is a fairly unusual white collar crime because it is more often committed by women than it is by men. That makes it rare not only among white collar crimes, but all crimes in general.

Recently, a woman who had worked as a bookkeeper for a Lafayette spa was sentenced to 37 months in prison. Her case bears some classic hallmarks of the "average" embezzlement case.

The woman worked for the spa from 2007 to 2011. She stole money from the spa by writing checks to herself and clandestinely upping her own salary, and then using her access to bookkeeping records to cover her tracks. All in all, she stole $187,000.

One reason women are convicted of embezzlement more than men are is because they tend to work in jobs, such as a bookkeeper, where they have the ability to siphon off funds.

Also, the woman's attorney blamed her embezzlement on the fact that his client has codependency and depression issues and a problem with alcohol. This is also a common threat among embezzlement cases. Frequently, people who are convicted of embezzling did not steal money because they wanted to fund lavish lifestyles; they did so because they suffered from a crippling addiction or illness that distorted, among other things, their sense of right and wrong.

The woman has been ordered to pay back the $187,000 to the spa.

When a person has done wrong, he or she needs to atone for it. Therefore, we think it is fair that this woman is being punished. That being said, having a sense of compassion and understanding does not necessarily thwart the administration of justice. We hope this woman gets the treatment she needs and is able to move on from what certainly seems like a dark place in her life.

Source: KATC-TV, "Bookkeeper gets prison time for theft," Nov, 5, 2012

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