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October 2012 Archives

Former LSU QB ordered back to jail after marijuana arrest

Lots of people have a very casual attitude towards marijuana. However, court officials and police officers aren't among them. The fact is, even though society is getting more and more permissive towards marijuana use, marijuana is still illegal and being caught with it carries very real legal consequences.

St. Mary Parish officials speak out about Oct. 10 fatal car accident

Authorities in St. Mary Parish seem to have gone on the defensive regarding a chain of events earlier this month that ended with the death of a criminal suspect. The incident has attracted scrutiny from across Louisiana because not everyone who has heard of it is convinced that the situation was handled properly.

After fatal shooting in Iota, Rayne man surrenders to Arcadia Sheriff's deputies

It is not at all uncommon for criminal suspects to try to hide from law enforcement officers. One thing that we need to make clear is that this is never a good idea. Yes, facing accusations of criminal conduct can be frightening, but hiding or attempting to flee will not do you any good. At best, it only prolongs the inevitable and at worst, it hurts your defense because you look suspicious and may even be illegal.

St. Mary Parish sherriff's deputies arrest 21-year-old on suspicion of drug activity

St. Mary Parish sheriff's deputies have been on high alert after a recent spate of home burglaries and apparent "narcotic activity" in the area.

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