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Question: 'Do I really need a lawyer?'

It is possible to live most of one's life without needing a lawyer. But there may be times when you urgently want a very good one:

When your college-age son or daughter is arrested for possessing marijuana, and conviction means expulsion and imprisonment, you will want a terrific criminal lawyer to defend him or her.

You may be a wonderful driver and you may have only had two drinks at dinner. But when you are pulled over for DUI, your life has taken a drastic and negative turn. If you don't hire a talented DUI lawyer, you will be astonished at the damage the arrest will do.

At the end of life, if you love your family, you will want to leave instructions on what to do with your life's assets. That's what wills and trusts are for.

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Do you see a common theme in the examples above? All are about you losing something you love very much. That is what the law is all about: it is a mechanism for punishing and for protecting. It is so complex that the average person is usually at a loss to make it work properly.

My name is Josh Guillory. I am a resident of Lafayette, and I am as much a part of this community as anybody. I love our heritage, food and culture. Like many in Acadiana, I served our country; I am a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom where I served as a Cavalry platoon leader. I am involved in a lot of things that make life pleasant, such as youth football, basketball, and Little League Baseball.

I love my life and my freedoms here in Lafayette, and I am proud to help you protect your life and freedoms as well.

With any luck, you won't need a lawyer anytime soon. But when you do need help, call me, Josh Guillory, at 337-233-1303. Or drop me a line, and tell me your story.

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