Lafayette Expungement Attorney

At our law firm in Lafayette, we are often asked about whether it is possible to remove criminal records from the system. People hear terms such as "expungement" or "record sealing" and wonder about their own eligibility. In many cases, these questions come from people who were arrested many years ago and have run into problems with employment or other issues because of their records.

There are several Louisiana statutes that cover expungement of criminal records. Although you do not technically need a lawyer, obtaining an expungement is not a straightforward, "do-it-yourself" project. Whether you qualify depends on many factors, and experienced Lafayette expungement attorney Josh Guillory will take your situation seriously and explain what is involved.

Are You Eligible? How Difficult Is It To Obtain An Expungement?

Speaking very generally, expungements are sometimes available for people who accepted pleas to certain misdemeanor or felony charges, were acquitted, or under other very specific circumstances. Required steps include retrieving records, completing forms properly, filing a motion and appearing at a hearing if required. The district attorney may object to the expungement, so it is critical to have a skilled, well-prepared criminal lawyer on your side.

Looking For An Opelousas Area Lawyer To Clear Your Record?

Attorney Josh Guillory is intensely committed to helping people like you exercise their rights under the law and improve their futures. We welcome clients from New Iberia, Breaux Bridge, Abbeville and other communities in all area parishes who wish to explore expungement or record sealing. To request a consultation with a dedicated attorney who knows the relevant laws, please call or email our legal team.