Lafayette Domestic Violence Attorney

If you have been arrested for domestic abuse battery in Louisiana, you are facing extremely serious consequences. Even for a first conviction without any serious injury to a household member, penalties include mandatory jail time, extensive community service and loss of your gun rights. If you have prior convictions, your need for a dedicated defense lawyer is even more urgent.

Fast Action To Get A Lawyer Involved Is Critical

Law enforcement officers and court officials take allegations of domestic violence extremely seriously. Just as nearly every domestic violence call leads to someone's arrest, prosecutors throughout our area drive hard for convictions and maximum penalties. There is no time to lose if you hope to avoid conviction and the harshest consequences.

A Breaux Bridge Area Lawyer For Restraining Order Issues As Well As Dedicated Criminal Defense

As an experienced Lafayette domestic violence attorney, Josh Guillory knows that false allegations and exaggeration are factors in many cases. In some situations, the accuser is motivated by revenge or trying to gain an advantage in a divorce or custody case. Important considerations in your case may include:

  • You likely need a dedicated lawyer on your side even if the alleged victim has had a change of heart and decided not to "press charges" or cooperate with the prosecution.
  • Many domestic violence cases also create the need to contest restraining orders that may prohibit access to your home and contact with family members.
  • There are numerous ways to demonstrate that an altercation does not "fit the mold" required for domestic abuse battery charges. Josh Guillory will work to establish that intentional use of force did not occur, for example, or that self-defense was required.

Your Resource For Skilled Divorce And Custody Representation

Many domestic violence cases are intertwined with divorce proceedings and parental rights issues. In addition to his extensive work in criminal defense, Josh Guillory is also an experienced family law attorney who will advise you and defend your interests in divorce, a custody dispute or other matters.

Josh Guillory has the background and discipline to make a difference for you in this pivotal time. For an attorney consultation focused on your case and legal options, call 337-233-1303 or reach out to us online right now.